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If someone you know and love is in a nursing home, you probably find yourself wondering if they are getting the care and treatment they need and deserve.  A government report was released in February of this year about the lack of safety for Medicare patients in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities. The report was undertaken by the Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General’s office.  Doctors reviewed records of randomly selected patients from more than 600 facilities.  The findings were unbelievable.  Roughly, one out of every three residents, in the facilities examined, suffered either a medication error, an infection or some other harm.

wheelchair-945156-mIt’s no wonder why the thought of someone we love being admitted to a nursing home causes anxiety. The report makes clear the fact that a lot of nursing homes are not safe.  For those without medical knowledge for the proper treatment and rehabilitation of a loved one, admitting a loved one to a nursing home can be scary.  It can be difficult to know when something isn’t right, when nursing home staff tells you something contrary to your own observation and intuition about your loved ones’ needs.  However, this report takes a look at the very heart of the issue – medical treatment – by experts. It’s a confirmation that fear for our elderly is not just paranoia, but is a valid concern.

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